About me…


IMG_5639.jpgUntil recently, I wrote most of my posts from my home on the west coast of Canada. Or if I was lucky, I wrote them from somewhere on the road as we travelled in our motor-home (which we’ve taken from northern BC to Mexico).

Now that I’m retired, I get to write most of my posts “on the road”.

As we travel, I’m still trying to figure out life and how to balance being a writer, musician, traveller, technology maven pundit enthusiast, and family guy and, until recently, someone holding down a regular job.

Unfortunately, I have spent too much of my life at the very end  of that list and not enough of it doing the activities at the beginning of it. This personal blog, a random collection of personal thoughts and recollections, is one attempt at shifting and restoring that balance.

Now, where did I put that piano….


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