The Smell of Autumn

021Autumn does not come gradually.

Officially, it started today – at exactly 7:21 this morning, before I’d even had my first coffee.

In reality, it came almost a month ago.

Autumn came early this year. One late August day I was basking in the heat of summer, fiddling with the controls on the air conditioner. Then, Wham…! – the next day it was autumn.

I got up in the morning and realized something had changed. The air just smelled different.

Even the campfires in the campground where we were staying smelled different  – that sticky ‘get out the marshmallows’ smoke that had been wafting through the trees had acquired a distinctly ‘rake up the leaves’ bonfire characteristic.

005Although summer may be behind us, that doesn’t mean we’re plunging into the frigid depths of winter. Yes, we’ve seen a bit more rain lately, but there is still plenty of wonderful weather to enjoy.

We took a leisurely walk today, a beautiful warm sunny afternoon with clear blue skies, and took in the colours of the garden. The bees were still busy nuzzling the flowers.011

But, the signs of a change of seasons were definitely around us.

001The pool is padlocked, and the sounds of happy splashing have faded into a memory.

The gardens are already being renovated and rehabilitated to get them ready for next spring and summer.

And I have found that I need to kick on the  furnace for a bit in the morning to chase out the chill.

003So, over my morning coffee, I pulled out the map of Mexico.

It’s still the stormy season on Mexico’s west coast and I see that Puerto Vallarta is hot and humid – 86° F (30 C). But I know that, before too long, the weather on those beaches will be perfect.

010It’s not too early to start thinking about it, is it?


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