Buy low. Eat with abandon.

“The price of oil dipped today. And gold is up.”

Margaret was scanning the financial markets, keeping her finger on the pulse of commerce.

011I’m pretty savvy about this stuff too. I’ve heard the horror stories of $24 heads of cauliflower in Canada.

When the veggie truck rolled into the RV park here in Mexico on its daily rounds, I surveyed the veggies on display. There was one enormous cauliflower near the middle of the collection of vegetables. I sidled up to the vendor.

Pss-s-s-t. How much for the cauliflower?”

“24 pesos.” *

001This guy obviously had no idea of the volatility of world cauliflower prices. I discreetly passed some cash his way.

“I’ll take it.”

I snuck off with my prize. I’m going to have a double portion of cauliflower tonight.

* about $1.95 Canadian


2 thoughts on “Buy low. Eat with abandon.

  1. We are in Lo de Marcos, about 60 km north of Puerto Vallarta. I noticed the cauliflower was 30 pesos today at the Ley supermarket in Puerto Vallarta. I have been quite happy with the prices charged by the vendor who comes into the park.

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