Oranges juice

IMG_7571I am reminded of that TV commercial for orange juice where all those oranges jump one after the other into the juice container.

We are shopping at the Ley supermarket in San Carlos, Mexico and I notice that the Valencia oranges are on sale – 8.45 pesos/kg. Half price – a good deal.

I was planning to buy orange juice. Now I wonder if it might be cheaper to buy these oranges and squeeze them. More work, but it’s hard to beat fresh-squeezed orange juice. Besides, we have lots of time.

I’m not sure if Valencias are good juice oranges or not but we get a big bag of them – 2.8 kilos. I also swing by the juice aisle and pick up a box of orange juice – 27 pesos for 1.89 litres, also on sale. del Valle brand (a Coca-Cola company). From concentrate. Made in Mexico (though I’m not sure whether that refers to the place they made the concentrate or just where they reconstituted it).

IMG_7583At home, Margaret is immediately cutting oranges in half and grinding them on our little plastic juicer. Mm-m-m-m! A little tart, but I like it that way.

I open the juice box. Less work. Not bad. Then, I take over the juicer and start juicing into a measuring cup. 4 oranges give me 275 ml of juice. We had 19 oranges in the bag we bought and they all look pretty similar in size – so we can say the oranges weigh 148 grams each.

IMG_7577I crank through the math on the back of a napkin and figure out that to juice an equivalent 1.89 litres of fresh orange juice would require 27-and-a-half oranges at a total cost of 34 pesos.

So there you have it. The fresh squeezed juice comes at a bit of a premium (34 as opposed to 27 pesos), but the two are fairly close. I can choose to have fresh-squeezed juice with a little work or boxed juice when I’m feeling lazy – and not have to overly concern myself with economic factors.


[ 27 pesos = CAD $2.15     34 pesos = CAD $2.70 ]


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