Savouring the Wine and the Beach

IMG_6932“You couldn’t buy a dinner like this for a hundred bucks.”

Margaret sliced a thin sliver from her bacon-wrapped tenderloin, pushed on some mushrooms (there must have been a quarter pound of them on her plate alone) and then went fishing for some fresh green beans and cauliflower, followed by a forkful of potatoes a la russe (Nicholas would approve – thanks for the the recipe, Armando).

We were in our motorhome, toasting each other and watching the waves rollIMG_6985 in just north of Ventura, California.

It all started several months ago when our friends, Ann and Gary, took us for a wine tasting at the Monte de Oro winery in Temecula, California. Ann and Gary are members there, part of that group of people who have first call at the fabulous wines produced at the winery. When we go for a tasting with them, we get to experience wines not offered to the hoi poloi. There was one in particular, a 2008 Estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon that danced on my tongue and then reached into my soul.

Ann saw the look on my face, leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You should buy a bottle of this for Margaret. For a special occasion.”

Margaret and I both like Cabernets. This one, you could taste the black currant and all those other subtle flavours wineries like to list on their labels. The lingering echo was that deep, dusky sensation, like Diana Krall when she sings, I’ve Got You Under My Skin. I had to get a bottle. For a special occasion.


If you’re going to let it breathe, let it be good air.

That was months ago. We ‘imported’ the wine into Canada several times as we travelled up and down the coast. (There’s got to be a better way to do this.) And every special occasion – birthday, anniversary – seemed to be accompanied by enough of life’s pressing issues that we knew we couldn’t really enjoy it.

Fortunately, wine waits for the right moment.

Which ended up being today. We are camped right on the edge of the ocean. The weather is perfect. Time has slowed to a crawl. All is right with the world. A sumptuous dinner with a remarkable wine. Perfect!

IMG_6938So here at our beachfront campsite we enjoyed the perfect camping meal. And a bottle of wine that enhanced the experience: the meal, the view, the company.

Life is good!


One thought on “Savouring the Wine and the Beach

  1. Mmmmmm. Amongst your gloaty-faced postings and blogs, this one is one of the more soothing 😀 Glad you two had such a perfect context for enjoying your “special occasion” wine.

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