Waiting for you to write…..


Sometime around the middle of December I received an email from a long-time friend. Usually, we look forward to getting a pre-Christmas missive in the mail from him and his wife. It’s a summary of the interesting things they did over the year interspersed with photos highlighting their projects and activities, acquaintances and visitors, and excursions to new places they’ve discovered.

Now I find out we won’t be getting one this year.

Is it because the post office has upped the cost of a mailed letter to a dollar?

Or maybe that they don’t have our current address? Quite possibly true. We’ve been moving around a lot over the last year and it can be a real challenge for our friends and family to keep track of our whereabouts. Greater Vancouver, southern California, northern BC – we’ve been to those places this year. And points in between.

What was a little disturbing, though, was that they won’t even be composing a letter this year because they didn’t feel they accomplished enough. I find this a little difficult to believe in light of the short-list of projects outlined in the email. Or when I think back to all the photos posted on Facebook over the last year: the vistas from their rural home and the wildlife that comes to visit it, the projects being built around the home and yards, the bounties from their orchards and gardens, the delight on the faces of the visitors that stopped by.

Are they having a tough year? I can understand that. It’s not surprising – I have a sense that everyone I know is having a tough year.

20141219_152930Other friends, members of the family and extended family also appear to be having a tough time. Even our dog wants to sleep all day. Not that anything terrible has happened to any of them or even that anyone is complaining. I just a sense it.

We’re having a tough year. No, nothing catastrophic. Just a succession of draining events. Possibly exacerbated by dismal weather or short daylight hours?

Like my friend, I can see the accomplishments and good times I’ve had. I shouldn’t discount them – but look back and highlight the positives to balance out the negatives. Be OK with where I am. Look forward to new projects and new directions in the new year.

Maybe put an a Tony Robbins CD. Or better yet, crank up some music.

And call up my friends and tell them I’ll be expecting the annual letter from them next Christmas. They might even have my new address by them.


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