Grillin’ in my Jams

What a great summer long weekend!

The weather is fantastic. I’ve chugged some big glasses of orange juice to cool me down. I’ve done some chores around the house. And now it’s grillin’ time.

I’ve taken off my doin’-the-chores clothes. I’ve had a lo-o-ong cool shower. And I’m ready to grill.


So… for my grilling outfit I’ve chosen…. Well. if I still lived in California, it would be obvious that I’m wearing my leisure pants. Cool. comfortable in the afternoon heat.

But this is the Pacific northwest. It’s the southwest corner of BC. People here don’t wear… ‘leisure pants’. So what the heck am I wearing? Oh my God, I’m in my jams!

What will the neighbours think? Are they peeking out of their windows now even as my grill belches flames out the sides? Are they squinting through their barely closed blinds, all aghast?

Do I care?

Heck, no! It’s summer. This is one of the best weekends we’ve had.

The rib steaks I seasoned earlier this afternoon with my secret rub. On they go!


The fresh local corn is grilled to perfection, waiting for butter and salt and pepper. The baked potatoes are perfect.


Marg has grilled a pile of garlicky mushrooms. There’s some asparagus around here somewhere. I’m in barbeque heaven. This is what we live for!


So as the sun goes down, I’m reveling in the glory of a perfect dinner and the end of a perfect day.

Could it get any better?

Dessert anyone…?


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