OK Horoscope, Make My Day

HoroscopeI’ll quite often check out the daily horoscope in the newspaper. Not because I think it is accurate or applies to my life. Usually it bears absolutely no resemblance to my day. Occasionally I can see some vague parallels and on the odd occasion it’s uncannily accurate. (The day it advised me to avoid traffic and electrical machinery, I had an accident with a trolley bus.)

I think I read it more for some kind of inspiration. There is an art to writing daily horoscopes. Some chart readers have it, some don’t. It really has very little to do with the circulation of the planets and stars and much more with the ability to put together an intriguing story or ask poignant question with just a few well-chosen words. Sometimes the snippet can open up a deep philosophical internal dialogue. Usually I’m just happy to find some encouraging words that might apply to my day.

Take the one I ran across a few days ago:

* Gemini *

Business travel could be ahead.

I like the thought of that. I like travel. It’s been a while since I’ve done any business related work. I’m obviously going somewhere interesting and I’m obviously going there because what I say and do will have value. Could be fun!

Handle the financial plan, and work out details.

I’m not sure whether this relates to the business travel or is just meant to apply to me in general. My personal life could stand a little organizing and it would be a good thing to review my financial situation and put it into some kind of order. Or to fix up someone else’s.

Verify intuition with facts.

I don’t know whether I am an intuitive person. I’d like to think so but others wrinkle the corners of their mouths and shake their heads when I bring up the subject of my intuitive ability. I do get lots of ideas, though. Corralling them with facts is probably a good idea.

Indulge your literary side.

Oh, yes, I really need this. It’s been forever since I’ve put up a blog post. I haven’t done any reading lately. My mind craves fiction. What’s wrong with being just a little indulgent?

Your home life benefits.

With all the stress and craziness that’s been going on around home the last little while. it’s nice to think of good things that will happen in my home if I take all these very positive steps. I need all the warmth, coziness, and cuddliness that I can get.

Looking at the stars, I could tell that it would be a pretty good day.


One thought on “OK Horoscope, Make My Day

  1. Weird . . . I loved this post when I first read it and thought I’d left a witty comment. Apparently I’m delusional (heh–tell the man something he doesn’t know!).

    Anyway . . . It’s still great, but it’s old, old, old. Looking forward to your next ponderings . . .

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