Going for the gusto

It seems to me that Margaret and I often have different approaches to the way we do things. I have noticed this before – for example, on preparing brunch.

Today it’s about pruning the laurel bush.

You know, the cute one just outside the kitchen window – the one that has somehow, without giving any notice, flung its branches 25 feet up into the air, is threatening to push over the fence and attack the neighbour’s house, is shoving its foliage up against our eating nook window and making that whole part of the house dark and dingy all day long. Even the sunny ones. (I guess I must not have been watching.)

023So I grabbed my gardening tools and trimmed it a bit.


022The thing was still too oppressive.

So Margaret grabbed her tools and trimmed it a bit more.


Now, it’s absolutely amazing!

The kitchen and eating area are bright and airy. The cat keeps staring out the window at the whole new world that has suddenly appeared there. The moss on the siding is shriveling up.

The neighbours stop and talk to us again.

Sometimes, even if it’s only a little gardening, you just have to go for the gusto!


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