Jingle all the day

007Argh-h-h…! I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas. Where does time go?

Our Christmas tree went up a few days ago, and when the tree is being decorated we need Christmas music. Well, I need Christmas music — so I can dance a bit or conduct my imaginary orchestra with my air baton while the girls (yah, I’ve got enough years on them that I can still call them that) put up the decorations. (They do such a great job.) The music. I streamed it from the Internet.

Back twenty or more years ago, when I was part of the early growth of the cable and satellite TV industry, the new concept was narrowcasting. With all the new cable and satellite channels available, instead of “broadcasting” programs suited for a wide audience of all ages and interests, it had become feasible to “narrowcast” specialty programs to small slices of audience — people with special interests. Cooking channel, auto racing channel, selling-your-home channel — they are all so common now. With the Internet, the concept exploded.

So, back to music for decorating the tree.

I remember years ago when I first ran across an “all Christmas, all the time, all year long” music site on the Internet. Revolutionary then but, wow, has that concept blossomed.

This year we’re listening to AccuRadio’s Christmas offering. Among the several hundred channels of music from this Chicago-based streaming service (hey, there are eight Canadian music channels), for Christmas they offer almost 50 choices!006

There’s traditional, classical, jazz, Broadway, rock, R&B and gospel. Wherever your tastes runs. There are channels that feature just a single song — many versions of it though: Joy to the World, Chestnuts Roasting, or themes like snow or jingling.

The tree is done! I’m having so much fun flipping (clicking?) through the music choices. I’m glad we still have a lot of listening time left this holiday season.

Merry Christmas to all of you, dee-dee-dum, tra-la-la.


One thought on “Jingle all the day

  1. Yaaaaaaaaay, it’s only a week ’til Christmas (well, not even–now it’s days actually! :)). Your tree looks so lovely and I can imagine the good time you had singing along to all the great music you found. Merry Christmas!

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