The Kitchen Table Apple Factory

When Margaret got home from northern BC, she came back with a big box of goodies. It seems that Terrace is one of the world’s premier garage sale shopping locations. Especially if you have an experienced local guide.

apples 018In the box of goodies was a gadget or two. Now, I’ve had my share of tribulations with gadgets. But the apple gadget I pulled out had to be something special. I mean, look at it. No batteries needed. No plastic parts to break. No wires to fray. Just good solid, er, Taiwanese engineering.

Now to try it out. We were low on apples but a run to the local market got us restocked.apples 009

After a couple of false starts, I was on a roll. Look at this baby go! Just like in the picture on the box. Turn the crank and it peels it, pushes it out through a little round blade to core it, and slices it into a fat apple spiral. What fun! I’ll bet you could hook up one of those little steam engines to run it.

pie sliceThe test was a success. My faith in gadgets has been restored. I met my daily fresh apple quota.

Now, what to do with the rest of the test apples? Fortunately, I’m rarely short of brilliant ideas.


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