Welcome home. Here’s your chores.

OK, so I haven’t posted for awhile. I’ve been too busy. Chores. I’m not just procrastinating. I have too many things to do. Really.

Welcome home. Here's your fence.

It seems that whenever I go away for a bit, there’s something new and unexpected waiting for me to do on my return. And now that we’re having an unseasonably early spring, the yard is clamoring for attention. Everything is growing like crazy — wild and unrestrained. And to think that Home Depot is advertising garden fertilizer. To encourage things to grow.

Part of the garden in the front yard has spilled out over the sidewalk. Way out. In two places. I’ve received several complaints (one of them quite rude) from the neighbourhood joggers who have to swerve around the bushes and onto the roadway, risking being run over by the half-awake drivers racing to get to Tim Hortons. Strollers won’t fit between the gangly branches and the parked cars and similarly have to detour into dangerous territory. (Come to think of it, I haven’t seen many strollers lately. Maybe they’ve all re-routed to the next street over.) The old guy from down the cul-de-sac beats at the growth with his cane whenever he wanders by.

I felt a call to action. So I rummaged through the garage and came up with an assortment of cutters, clippers, and choppers, along with a mean looking saw, and took a run at the thickets. They fought back. I fought harder.

The place isn’t ready to be featured on the cover of a gardening magazine, but at least the sidewalk is again passable. Our living room is brighter too, and you can see out the front windows again.

Next, I can start to think about taking on the lawn and making the place prettier.

Or I can write something.


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