Jugglers and other people walking by

One of the  things I like about RVing is that we have an opportunity to move around, to see new things, and, especially, to meet new people.

Back home in the suburbs, I hardly ever see my neighbors. Everyone is too busy rushing off to work, shopping, or appointments of some sort. Me too, when I’m there. If I’m lucky, I get a smile and wave from someone in a passing car. The cul-de-sac barbecues — the blocked off street, kids, old folks, people of all ages milling around, everyone cooking up a storm —  well, they stopped happening years ago. Too bad. I miss them.

At the campground, most of time, people don’t have to go anywhere. Yes, there’s still shopping and touring and other distractions, but there’s also time to just hang around — to sit and watch other people walking by; to strike up conversations and meet the ‘neighbors’. Kind of like when people used to sit on their front porch after dinner in the summertime. (Do you remember front porches? Most people closed them up during the ’60’s to make the living room bigger so they could stay inside and watch TV. ) We’ve met some of our best friends just walking by.

Even if you don’t feel like talking, you can always just watch. It’s like the whole world just wanders by. Eventually you’ll see just about everything and every kind of person. So much more interesting than being at home where everyone tries very hard to be same as everyone else.

So it was this year at one of our favorite campgrounds, Pio Pico (just outside of San Diego). I got up one morning, carried my mug of coffee outside to see what was new, and there, in among the staid line of RV’s, just like a fairy circle of mushrooms, a little tent city had sprung up overnight. As its inhabitants came and went, I saw that they all carried… things to juggle.

During the day, right next to the usual smattering of card players, line dancers, and jigsaw puzzle assemblers that gather in the lodge, was an energetic group of jugglers, clubs spinning in the air, flying back and forth, forward and back, over and under.

I had stumbled across San Diego’s first ever Pass-Out Jugglefest. Traditionally a European festival, this group of jugglers from several different states and countries assembled here to practice their passion: juggling – and in particular, to hone their skills in passing flying objects from one person to another. They were ready to share their tricks-of-the-trade and take part in an ongoing  juggling jam session. The atmosphere was informal and fun. Skill levels went from novice to, well, amazing.

I was so inspired I headed back to the motor-home and dug out the juggling beanbags I bought several years ago. I’ll figure these babies out yet.

I wonder what I’ll get to see at the next place I visit?

*      *      *

Oh, and you should see how these folks have a pickup game of volleyball.


2 thoughts on “Jugglers and other people walking by

  1. I loved your description of the “front porch” life you can find in a campground! I so agree! My nephew and his wife came from Germany to be among those in the Pio Pico “tent city” and were also “featured” in your video of the volleyball done juggler style game. They were delighted that the RV’ers were so gracious about the invasion of their private place! Thank you for recognizing them in your blog 🙂

  2. I thought it was a fun “invasion”. If you visit the park in the summertime, especially on holiday weekends, you’ll see a lot more tents, families with kids, noise and games. Winter sees mostly the snowbirds and full-time RVers. But even the big RV owners were tent campers at some point and we all share the common bond of being campers. I’m glad you felt welcome.

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