Sharing the Wisdom

My degrees are not hung on the wall here at home, nor do I have an office where I can prominently display them. I should put them up though. They’re quite “old school”. Traditional old english printing, hand lettered calligraphy. Not something that’s been spewed out of a printer by the thousands.

I like to think, with all my formal education along with the natural wisdom I have gained through my years of worldly experience, that I can be a resource to my kids as they go through college and university, that I can offer a depth of insight they have not had the opportunity to yet develop during their brief time in this world.

If I smoked a pipe, I could puff it and nod my head and off-handedly explain how the scientific and philosophical mysteries with which they are struggling all tie neatly together.

So it was this evening when my daughter approached me for help with her paper.

“Dad….¬† Can you help me with my hanging indents?”



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