Who will clean up the goopy mess?


To: Whoever took the pink basket with the Tide upside-down in it on top of the shelves in the laundry room:

It was a neatly lettered note, carefully placed in the middle of the kitchen table.

Did you not think that the Tide was in there upside down for a REASON?? Or notice the goop all over the bottom?

There is no getting away from anguish and exasperation (and worse) when you live in a home with a bunch of other people. Cleanup is a continual job. One or two dirty dishes quickly become a over-full sink. A pair of shoes slipped off at the door becomes a mountain of footwear in the entryway. Any delay in taking laundry out of the dryer results in a backlog of laundry and baskets. How can anyone even find an empty basket if they’re all being used to hold everyone else’s dirty laundry and are all lined up in a row in front of the washer? The temptation to fake it, borrow and switch is just too great. (Do you think anyone will notice?)

You can please clean up the goopy mess on top of the shelf because it’s disgusting. Thanks!

Responsibility is a heavy burden. Clean-up is hard work. Doing it is tantamount to admitting that you were the cause of the problem, the person at fault. (It’s out of sight. No one will know.)

PS Why did you ever take my basket in the first place???

Why aren’t there more baskets in the first place? Why does everyone else use up the detergent so that there’s none left for me? Why aren’t people there promptly to move clothes from basket to washer, washer to dryer, dryer to basket and then put them away so that the basket is available for other people to use? (Can’t you do your laundry on a day that you’re not working?)

And, by the way, why is the garbage so full that I can’t put anything more into it?


3 thoughts on “Who will clean up the goopy mess?

  1. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggh! At least people in your family read notes. Sometimes I go around the house and post such esoteric wisdom as:

    Please take out garbage when bag is full. Don’t pile it on the floor beside the container.

    When you put clothes in the dryer, TURN IT ON.

    Clean up your crap!

    . . . I take them down before anyone gets home though–I used to leave them up, but then I was just even further frustrated when they were ignored and I had to clean them up.

    I get my point across in other ways–slop something across the kitchen and ask child to clean it up.


    “Yes, please.”

    “But you made the mess.”


    “But it’s gross and sticky–if you’d wiped it up when you first spilled it.”

    “I was busy.” (Alternated with “I forgot.”)

    “Well, that’s just great–why should I have to clean up your messes?”

    Shrug. “Why indeed.” Swivel-headed look around the house.

    “Oh. Very funny.”

    😀 😀 😀 I think so. It’s a small comfort on some days though!

  2. Everybody reads notes – and then they simply choose to ignore them.

    This one caught my eye because it was not a directive. It was a sad note of disappointment over something that had already happened.

  3. >>>It was a sad note of disappointment over something that had already happened.<<<

    LOL-kinda like it's harder to hear a parent say (thinking of my own childhood–I don't think I've had cause to say this to my own kids), "You disappointed me," than it is to have them just yell (cause you can't just write them off as whacko)?

    I shouldn't have been so hard on my family in that post. They are usually pretty good, actually. It's just that living with other people inevitably has clashes of standards sometimes. 🙂

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