High Tech TV

At one time I was very involved in leading edge technology. The bleeding edge. Managing and promoting it was my life. University research. R&D at fast-paced high-tech companies. Secrets. Patents. Whirlwind visits to high-security government labs where some people were nervous because I was a… well, Canadian.

So what happened in my own life? Over the years my techy toys have backed away from the being the newest, latest, and greatest to where I’ve now become a user and a champion of trailing edge technology. There are many reasons for this but I’m sure that a significant one is because I’ve become cheap more frugal.

Take the TV antenna on our motor-home, for instance. We don’t have one. We don’t usually watch much TV when we travel. Many of the places we like to stay don’t have great TV reception. If we feel like watching something, we make do with the rabbit ears attached to the TV.

During this trip to southern California we picked up a digital converter because over-the-air channels throughout the US are all switching to digital. This means that, without a digital converter, our little TV will only pick up snow and hiss. Not good. With the digital converter we can get a lovely picture – if we can pick up a decent digital signal. That’s where our new antenna comes in. Instead of trying to use the rabbit ears on the back of the set, we thought an outside antenna with its superior performance was in order.

img_03251Now if we were state-of-the-art RV travelers, we’d be aiming for satellites. Like this rig. Not untypical. One dish for TV; another dish for the Internet.

img_0305So, what did we get? Rabbit ears. Hey, they’re an outside antenna if you put them outside. Today we moved to Palm Springs and I’m nervously watching Margaret as she teeters on the edge of the picnic table while adjusting the rabbit ears she has perched on the edge of the motor-home roof. See, here they are. A good location for them. Work great!

Margaret would probably like to go a little higher tech. If I decide to upgrade, maybe I’ll get her a small ladder and sure-grip shoes. I’ll explain to her that this high-tech stuff is not all it’s cracked up to be. Believe me. I know about this stuff.


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