Just the Right Word

I just changed part of the description of myself on my Facebook page. I changed the part that reads: technology pundit to technology buff. Buff…? I’m a little bit uneasy about that description. It sounds a bit dated. Maybe too 60’s. But what word to use?

The writer in me, whether the legal, technical, or fiction writer, spends a lot of time searching for the just the right word, the right nuance, for any particular circumstance. Sometimes the right word comes to me in flash of inspiration. Other times I have to sleep on it… several sleeps maybe, and still the word I’ve chosen doesn’t feel or sound right.

I started out by describing my self as a technology maven. Maven. I really like that word. Answers.com defines this Yiddish word as someone who “is more adept than a mere expert, more authoritative than a mere authority, sharper than a pundit, more up-to-date than a past master”. Yeah. That’s me, alright. But maybe it sounds just a little too self-aggrandizing.

Then I changed it to pundit. I like pundit too. But while I can see myself as a person learned in the field of technology, I’m not sure that I’ve met the sense of the word as it is currently used: a source of opinion or criticism. I certainly have my opinions but I haven’t been running off at the mouth on the subject.

So, what does describe me? Aficianado? While I have on occasion been described as having an “intense, occasionally overwhelming liking” of technology, I’ve never run off to start a technology fan club, held technology conventions, created techno-fanzines, written technology articles, or engaged in activities of that type. Well, OK, maybe I have. Unfortunately, I’ve always imagined an aficianado as someone with a pencil thin moustache. Definitely not me.

Then there’s junkie, but I’m not that addicted.

So I think I’ll stick with buff for awhile, anyway. As in “an enthusiast”. (Not to be confused with having great abs, or dispatching vampires.) I truly am enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject and while I might not currently be an inventor or developer or even an early adopter myself, I certainly have a need to know what they are all up to.

Well, I’ll sleep on it.


2 thoughts on “Just the Right Word

  1. Laughing so hard, typing is difficult–Are you in my head? This is the long rollicking type of inner debate I’m always having about word choice.

    And re: technology? I am a junkie, but it has such negative connotations….

  2. Looking at all the stuff piled up in my garage and basement — I guess you could call me a ‘junkie.’

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