Sandbox Toys for Big Guys

I always knew that, someday, someone would finally do it. I was promoting the idea when I first came up with it fifteen or twenty years ago.

“Listen, this is the greatest idea ever: a heavy equipment theme park. Guys could go there and climb on a bulldozer or excavator and move dirt around. Pile it up. Spread it out. Dig great big holes.” What a great concept. What a feeling of power.

I never followed up on it.

Ed Mumm did. He was operating some heavy equipment to prepare the land before he started building his new home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He was having so much fun knocking over trees, building a road and a pond, and digging foundations that his wife and kids had to stand in his way before he cleared every last tree off the property. Other people would love to do this, he thought, and the concept of a construction equipment theme park was formed.

Ed opened his 20-acre theme park, called Dig This, in November of 2007. With the winter snow on the ground, the park was not immediately popular, but once spring came, people began to come around to have a look, and soon you could hear the clank and roar of machinery pushing and piling dirt. And Ed is betting that it will continue to be a popular spot year around as people find that snow is as much fun to move around as dirt.

If you’re going to be in the Steamboat Springs area [Update: it’s now moved to Las Vegas] and want to move a little dirt around yourself, find out more about DigThis at:


2 thoughts on “Sandbox Toys for Big Guys

  1. Of course, if you need a little adrenaline with your heavy equipment operating, you can’t beat the Japanese…

  2. I think that a construction theme park is a wonderful idea. Every guy I know would spend days and days in one if he could get away with it. This is for every guy who followed the garbage truck around the neighborhood on their tricycles when they were little boys.

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