Time Out

You can’t vacation at home. At least, I can’t vacation at home.

Everywhere I look there is something that needs doing. The plants in the garden all need pruning. The laurel bush is attacking the house and soon we won’t be able to see out the kitchen window. The fence needs mending because last winter’s windstorms finally strained the rotting fenceposts beyond their capability to hold up the fence. The 2-by-4 prop I’ve got holding it up lacks the elegance our neighbours have come to expect. The gutters need cleaning; the downspouts need reconnecting; the deck needs powerwashing; the skylights need resealing; the kitchen floor needs replacing; the car needs fixing. How’s a guy going to relax when his castle is crumbling around him?

Which is why I was smart and left. I wasn’t sure about it at first. Originally I was going to do some of the chores and then take a break. But deep down I know that once I started, they would never be close to being done when my vacation was over. So my smart wife said that since I hadn’t really arranged to do anything yet, let’s go.

So here we are in our little motorhome in a campground not too many miles — but a whole world — away from home. When I wake up, I can turn over and go back to sleep again. When I get up, the first chore of the day is to make coffee, the second is to drink it while sitting in the recliner chair under the shade of the awning, waving to the neighbours as they stroll by. When was the last you went for a morning stroll?

Morning coffee

Morning coffee

It is five days into the vacation. We’ve lazed about, we’ve gone shopping at the farmers’ market, we’ve been out for lunch, we’ve been on lots of walks, and I’ve read a book — in one sitting. I am beginning to believe that I could do this indefinitely. Heck, who needs a home? Somewhere between 150 square feet and 2500 square feet of living space there’s got to be an ideal compromise. For me, I think it is closer to the 150. I’ll take a ride-in home over a ride-on mower.

I’m sure I’ll take a few days at the end of my vacation to do a little of the work that’s piled up. It’ll be satisfying to get a few items crossed off the To Do list. However, now is probably a good time to think about the kinds of things I would rather have on my To Do list and how to go about changing new for old.


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