And the cat came back…

…but not the very next day. Spanky, one of our two Abyssinian cats, disappeared almost a week ago. He is a strange little guy, a little quirky – OK, a lot quirky – but a great and inseparable buddy to Punky, his brother from the same litter. (OK, we had some much grander Egyptian-sounding names for the pair, but somehow they never really caught on.)

Spanky has gone on the lam before, but he always either showed up a few days later or we found him somewhere in the neighbourhood. This time we sensed it was a bit more onerous. Even Punky was getting a bit weird.

But, happily, today the call came. Spanky had been found – about 10 miles away, across a river that is only served by a bridge that carries a freeway. Did he hitch-hike, or what…? In any case, the people that took in the sad and hungry little cat noticed the tatoo in his ear and traced us down. Low tech maybe (I hate the idea of chip implants) but it worked.

And we’re all one big happy family again.


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