Bring on the Summer

It’s been a slow summer in coming. Actually it’s not here yet, even thought the first official day of summer is fast approaching. A couple of weeks ago I was still wishing for long underwear.

West coast weather is supposed to be cool and variable with some great hot summer days thrown in. That’s when everyone hits the beach and risks the possibility of sunburn to get in some ‘real’ tanning. When the sun is shining, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities imaginable. The freshness of a rainy day is delightful as it deepens all the colours of nature.

But it’s that long grey, dreary, drizzly, depressing period that runs from September to April that drags me down. I’ve lived here pretty well all my life and I’m still not used to it. I’ve had people tell me that they would find it boring if were sunny every day, but I’d rather live in the sunshine and vacation two weeks out of the year in crappy weather than the the other way around.

Bring on the summer…!


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